Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday I did the most unbelievably stupid thing in the world...

I had nightmares last night about the possible ways it could have turned out.

I turned my back on Jake for a couple of minutes.

We live at the end of the drive in a row of Town homes. I was doing my major spring cleaning...shampooing carpets, throwing junk away, cleaning windows and such. I was also babysitting a friends daughter. I had just finished shampooing the carpet and the kids wanted a was gorgeous outside and the carpets needed some help I opened the front door gave the kiddos a snack and they sat together on the doorstep eating.(Now this sounds super stupid, but at the time it seemed like an OK thing to calm restless children.)

I had to wash out the nasty water out of the shampooer, the kids seemed like they were fine just eating and being good so I thought "they'll be OK" and walked into the kitchen, washed out the container and came back...Jake wasn't there...

I asked R(the little girl) where Jake was and she said "I don't know." I ran to the door and looked out, there almost at the end of the drive was Jacob about to run into the busy main road. MY heart stopped and I ran faster than I ever thought I could. I swear it felt like I was lifted up and was flying. Heart pounding, screaming "STOP JACOB!!! STOP JACOB!!!!!!!!" He ran out into the street right as I lunged for the back of his shirt. Luckily, By the the Grace of God...No cars in sight... I cried and cried as I carried my baby back to our house.

Turns out, R had wanted her Binky out of the car and I had parked it on the main street because the landscaper was blocking the drive. Jake being Jake went to go get it for his friend.

I tried to clean myself up and go on with the rest of the day, but when I laid down to go to sleep last night it came back full force. How dare I take such liberties with children. God gave me this beautiful child with the job of molding and PROTECTING it. Not too mention that my friend entrusted her child to me.Can you imagine the shame of having a clean machine and a dead child. My heart hurt so bad as I lay there holding my sleeping baby. I thought of all awful things that could have happened because of my lapse in judgement. What if he had been hit by a car? What if R had ran out and had been hit by a car? What if someone snatched him/them up? How would my heart ever heal? I prayed, in thanks and in guidance.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dinner and a.... ring?

Happy Love Day 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh yeah...

Ashley lost another tooth!!!
Friday morning before school...pretty soon she's going to graduate to that goofy 6 yr old stage where they're toothless and have unmanageable cowlicks. :)

Smack that!

Ash goes to school in the afternoon (bummer- I know) anyhow so after I drop her off,I am free to do all of my running around. Can I get a hooray for running Errands! I can also pretty much guarantee that I will be dressed and ready to go by noon lol almost! lol

So on Friday I had to go grocery favorite task to take Jake on when he hasn't had a nap yet...I had coupons to 2 of our local grocery stores that I could just not pass up on...$2.50 for ground turkey!!! I know you'd go too, right? So I take Jake to the first store and everything is fine, then we go to store number the middle of nap time...I was definitely prepared the inevitable tantrum but not for what Jake did next. lol

So we have one of those obnoxiously large car carts...the ones with the little red car on the end that is supposed to keep your kiddos happy and engaged for the hour and half they sit in it *insert eye roll here* So, we're on the meat aisle that runs horizontal in the back of the store and then all of a sudden Jake gets out and before I have time to react Jake has this gigantic cart turned sideways blocking all through traffic. Honestly I was amazed at how fast people got annoyed...I was doing my best trying to get this thing turned back the right way (which was almost impossible because you always have one stupid wheel that never wants to co-operate) and I see Jake run in front of the said cart and over to a lady bending over looking at the roasts...he did not look happy. She and her husband (and 2 daughters) had gotten through his makeshift barricade...and then the unthinkable happened...

Jake spanked her!!!!

He told this lady "you get butt pop!" I about passed out. That has to be one the weirdest moments I have ever had in my life. I had no idea what to do. I didn't know what to say to this woman....the only thing that came to mind was..." I am so sorry!" Over and over again. I took Jake into my arms (for protection at first lol just in case she decided to get him back) I made him say sorry like 10 times...

Then as if something clicked for the lady and her family they stared laughing hysterically. The husband said something to the effect of "That's right son start early!" OK not to judge here(my son did just spank your wife) but ewww. I was so mortified...and then to make matters even better Jake kept glaring at this lady...more like this ladies rear end... so yeah...we immediately went home. That's all I needed, Jake to spank her again. Ugh that has to go down as one of weirdest mommy moments ever.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

midnighT snacK

This is like the day that will never end.
Oh I know that it is technically "tomorrow", but I haven't even really had the chance to end my today. Here I sit at 12:17 am listening painfully to the Backyardigans (gag!) with both kids bright eyed and bushy
Seriously...if I'm not enough of an insomniac...the one night I fall to sleep at 8 out of pure exhaustion, Jake decides it will be fun to come lay in my bed and make airplane noises. Oh yes, take offs and landings in full surround sound, so loud infact that he gets the boot from Jman and wakes his sister.
Of course when Jake gets the boot, thats means I get the boot too.I know what you're thinking....Oh hell no...but with Jared being the primary bread winner he needs all of the blissfull sleep he can get **(insert fake bullshit sneeze here). I mean what the hell do I do all day anyway, right?

So here I sit, exhausted... I guess this cancels the 10:15 story time at the library.Bummer lol

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My photography class...

It was a blast and I know that I didnt blog about while I was going through it but I thought I would show you some of my favorite pictures that came out of it. For my first class, it really helped open my eyes to being more creative and just having fun.

What's the going rate...

for a tooth these days? Apparently it's $2 in gold about inflation. :) Ashley lost her 1st tooth on Dec. 26th. Lucky little kid, Santa and the Tooth fairy in 1 week!